Chanting for Change – Chloe Goodchild gives voice to the Future

speakers_CGWe are excited to be hosting the incredible sacred voice and sound pioneer, Chloe Goodchild, at the Future NOW spiritual ecology conference in Bristol on Saturday 8th November, giving an uplifting presentation and soul stirring performance entitled, ‘Sound Evolution: Transforming Our Lives through the Power of Sound’.

A celebrated international singer, music educator, author, and director of The Naked Voice Foundation – Chloe shares the stage at Future NOW with Peter Owen Jones, Satish Kumar, Tim Freke and Joe Hoare, all exploring ways to preserve our beautiful planet for future generations, and Chloe through this powerful medium of sound.

“In this time of global transformation, many of us who are living in relative safety may feel that we are powerless to respond to the prevailing chaos and shocking news that assails us from the media,” Chloe says. “It is therefore essential for us to remember that we are participating in a birthing process of a newly evolving world. As we prepare for a greater shift in humanity’s collective destiny we must courageously stay awake to the responsibility that is our shared song.”

Chloe reveals how the disconnect between our speaking and our singing voice has also disrupted the essential flow between our head and heart, our rational and our intuitive mind. This has also  sabotaged our personal, interpersonal and transpersonal powers of communication. Yet, through a simple process of sound awareness and sound intelligence skills, Chloe shows how we can re-discover our authentic voices again, and restore our true capacity to communicate consciously and compassionately. Chloe will inspire you to connect with the voice of your soul and generate a new mode of consciousness, and relationship, beyond ideas of right and wrong doing, a spirit of oneness.

“This may sound ridiculously naive and idealistic to the sceptical or suspicious rational mind,” Chloe says. “However, once you begin to re-connect your heart with your head, there is a chance that you will begin to access and uncover a long-forgotten depth of communication, no longer driven by the obsessions of the fearing ego, but by the compassionate conscience of the human heart and soul.  A new language of consciousness can then unfold, empowered and transformed by a direct encounter with the authentic voice of your soul.”

Chloe has made several albums and recordings for radio and TV. She has been music director for several major global humanitarian events across the world, and her avidly anticipated book The Naked Voice will be published in Spring 2015.

In addition to her ‘Sound Evolution’ presentation at Future NOW, Chloe will lead a break out group exploring the event’s theme, “What Can I Do Differently?” and, together with her harmonium she will infuse the day with sacred sounds and chants.

The video clip below shares Chloe’s beautiful track ‘The Singing Field’.  The Singing Field is a unique meeting place inspired by the sacred chants, poems, love songs and non-judgmental listening of Chloe’s Naked Voice community, where everyone is welcome and everyone’s voice is heard. We look forward to communing in her Singing Field at Future NOW!

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