Charities & Causes

50% of the proceeds from Future NOW will be donated to the following benevolent charities and causes of the keynote speakers, all of which further the event’s aim to create a happier and more harmonious future for our planet.


The Resurgence Trust

partners_logos_reThe Resurgence Trust is an educational charity promoting ecological sustainability, social justice, ethical living and spiritual values, which publishes Resurgence & Ecologist magazine, the UK’s only independent publication that focuses on ecology and the arts. It also brings together a community of like-minded individuals and groups who believe a more sustainable way of life is possible and organises events promoting the Trust’s vision for a more ecological and equitable world. The magazine which originally published as Resurgence in 1966, has its roots in the peace movement. Satish Kumar has been editing Resurgence since 1973 and is now the Editor-in-Chief of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine. High profile contributors include Margaret Atwood, Jonathan Dimbleby, Antony Gormley, Annie Lennox, the late Václav Havel, the Dalai Lama and HRH The Prince of Wales. Resurgence & Ecologist magazine is published six times a year and is available in print and online.


The Life Cairn Project

Life-Cairn-Header2The Life Cairn Project was set up to promote and catalyse the creation of Life Cairns as memorials to species that have become extinct due to human impact on the environment, and to sound urgent alerts about critically endangered species, cultures and island nations. Throughout human history, cairns have been built as landmarks to help guide a journey, to memorialize fallen comrades, for spiritual or shamanistic practices, or simply to indicate a reverence for the natural world. The Life Cairn is a powerful new version of this tradition established in England by Peter Owen Jones and others to memorialize species rendered extinct by human activity. In the words of one the project’s founders, a Life Cairn and its ceremonies ‘Bring Love to Life’ and add strong voices to public discussions about the fate of the Earth.


The Naked Voice Foundation

Naked VoiceThe Naked Voice Foundation was established as a charity by Chloe Goodchild in 2004 to promote the moral and mental improvement of humanity by teaching meditative, contemplative, listening and singing skills to improve communications and the resolution of conflict; and to protect the health of people who have either suffered as a result of personal or national conflict or who work with such people, by promoting the use of such skills as a method of non-violent expression. The foundation helps people discover and communicate their true voice, free from self-consciousness and fear, and opens pathways to peace, on both a personal and international level.


The Alliance for Lucid Living

lucid-livingFounded by “Big Love Philosopher” Tim Freke, The Alliance for Lucid Living (known as the ALL) is a community of free-thinking, big-hearted people from around the world who are drawn to Tim’s revolutionary approach to spiritual awakening and his invitation to wake up to the wonder of life, which he calls “The Wow”. As Tim explains: “This life transforming experience can spontaneously arise when we become conscious of the breathtaking mystery of existence. When we dive deeply into this ‘wow’ mystery experience we enter a new state of consciousness where there is an awe-inspiring oneness with the universe, an ecstatic feeling of limitless love, and an exhilarating passion for the adventure of life.”

You can connect with kindred spirits on the journey of life by joining the ALL Facebook community (link to