Joe Hoare – Laughter, a serious tool for a healthier world


At Bristol’s Future NOW spiritual ecology conference on Saturday 8th November – leading Laughter Yoga therapist and author, Joe Hoare – introduces Laughter as a powerful tool for creating a happier and healthier Future, with his presentation, ‘It’s Time to Take Laughter Seriously’.

The celebrated ‘Laughing Yogi’ and author of Awakening the Laughing Buddha Within (co-authored with Barefoot Doctor) joins forces with Satish Kumar, Peter Owen Jones, Chloe Goodchild and Tim Freke for this uplifting and thought-provoking event in a funky converted church (the Trinity Centre), exploring what we urgently need to do now to sustain the Earth for future generations.

“Seriously, laughter is more serious than seriousness,” declares Joe. “For centuries we have been imprisoned by the seriousness trap which promotes seriousness as more valuable than lightness. Intuitively we know this isn’t true. Science now agrees. If we want a better future NOW, it’s time for lightness to be recognised and properly valued.”

awakening the laughing buddha within1A charismatic facilitator of courses, workshops, retreats and one-to-one sessions, Joe has dedicated himself to encouraging people to connect with their benign, creative individuality and to perform at their best. His regular appearances in the media have included BBC 2’s Don’t Die Young with Dr Alice Roberts, BBC 1’s Inside Out, BBC Radio 2’s Chris Evans Show and the Sunday Times.

Joe has been facilitating health and wellbeing groups for over 30 years, and has trained extensively with internationally renowned ‘Grandfather of Laughter Yoga’ Dr Madan Kataria of India, founder of Laughter Clubs International. Joe founded the Bristol Laughter Club eleven years ago, the longest surviving Laughter Yoga club outside of India.

Joe’s mission with his Laughter Yoga training is to empower people, as he explains:

“I want to help people wake up, come alive, be the best they can be, and enjoy the ride. Because this enjoyment is contagious, it gives others permission to enjoy the ride too. It stimulates qualities like connection and kindness, and its ultimate effect is to enhance people’s experience of being alive, for the benefit of all. How great is that?”

A co-organiser of Future NOW, Joe – along with fellow keynote speakers – will also lead one of the conference’s breakout groups, encouraging participants to explore and reflect on the question, “What can I do differently?”

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