Will GethinWill Gethin

Will is Founder and Director of Conscious Frontiers, a communications, speakers and events agency aiming to raise consciousness and help create a happier, healthier and more sustainable world. He set up, developed and promoted a successful Guest Speaker programme at the Isbourne Holistic Centre in Cheltenham (2008-2013) hosting events with leading new consciousness pioneers, and since 2004 he has also worked as a holistic explorer and travel journalist writing for leading newspapers and magazines, from the Independent and the Evening Standard to Resurgence and Kindred Spirit. With a background in PR, Will worked across music, consumer and arts accounts for leading London agencies till 2003 and latterly for holistic/eco and intercultural organisations and authors including The Makhad Trust, IT Schools Africa, British School of Meditation, Afrika Eye Film Festival, Tribe of Doris and Graham Hancock.

Contact Will: 07795 204 833; will@consciousfrontiers.com  

Joe HoareJoe Hoare

Author of acclaimed new laughter therapy book Awakening the Laughing Buddha Within, co-authored with Barefoot Doctor, Joe Hoare, aka “Laughing Yogi” – a Conscious Frontiers speaker – is one of the UK’s leading Laughter Yoga therapists who has dedicated his life to helping people connect with their benign creative individuality and perform at their best. A charismatic facilitator of courses, workshops, retreats and one-to-one sessions, Joe’s regular appearances in the media have included BBC 2′s Don’t Die Young, BBC 1′s Inside Out, BBC Radio 2’s Chris Evans Breakfast Show and the Sunday Times. Formerly a director of Bristol’s Pierian Centre till 2011, Joe ran the health & wellbeing programme which included a popular series of talks with leading edge speakers, covering everything from crop circles and parapsychology to punk science. He was also instrumental in various Pierian social initiatives, including City of Sanctuary, Refugee Week, Portents and iWitness.

Contact Joe:07812 159 943; joe@joehoare.co.uk