Peter Owen Jones raises debate about the Future  

speakers_POThe Future NOW spiritual ecology conference which Conscious Frontiers brings to Bristol on Saturday 8th November in partnership with “Laughing Yogi” Joe Hoare,  was partly inspired by maverick TV priest-explorer, Peter Owen Jones, and his passion a for raising the debate about the future so we can urgently preserve our fragile Earth for future generations.

At Future NOW, Peter will share his vision for an evolved future humanity that recognises the sacredness of the Earth and our interconnectedness with nature and all living beings, and explores what our society’s new model of the sacred is becoming with the collapse of Christianity.

“Humanity is in the process of bequeathing a poisonous and broken planet to the next generation,” says Peter Owen Jones. “The systems we have inherited from the past are simply unable to create a sustainable future. Whilst we are doubtless approaching an end of some sort we are also beginning at last to dream of what a new humanity and new Earth might contain.  Future NOW will explore all that we need to sustain a future for all the myriad of life on this beautiful planet.”

A leading ecological thinker, acclaimed author and pioneer of the New Consciousness Revolution, as as a TV presenter and ‘Extreme Pilgrim’, Peter has explored over fifty countries and over 80 religions and distilled essential wisdom to help evolve a progressive model of the sacred at this momentous time in human history when the world’s economic, political and social paradigms are at a tipping point of major change. His forthcoming book, The New Humanity – also the title of his talk for Future NOW shares his innovative ideas for positive evolution.

At Future NOW, Peter will explore the big questions facing society at this unprecedented time of Consciousness Revolution: What does this shift in consciousness mean for human identity? What is the new model of the sacred? What is the future of capitalism? And how can we care for the planet so we leave a beautiful world for our grandchildren to inherit? Peter shares the stage at Future NOW with ‘Earth Pilgrim’ Satish Kumar, ‘Big Love Philosopher’ Tim Freke, ‘Sacred Sound Pioneer’ Chloe Goodchild, and Joe Hoare.

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