Future NOW speakers:

“Extreme Pilgrim” Peter Owen Jones“Earth Pilgrim” Satish Kumar
“Sacred Voice Pioneer” Chloe Goodchild
“Big Love Philosopher” Tim Freke |  “Laughing Yogi” Joe Hoare

speakers_POPeter Owen Jones

“Extreme Pilgrim” Peter Owen Jones is a maverick 21st century priest, spiritual explorer, TV presenter and author whose philosophy is that spirituality can be found anywhere, not just in a church. A pioneering ecological thinker, his various award winning BBC TV documentaries include Extreme PilgrimAround the World in 80 Faiths and How to Live a Simple Life. An acclaimed author of four books, he is currently working on two new titles – Pathways, sharing his collection of nature walks across Britain (as featured in articles for the Sunday Times) interlaced with reflections about the state of the world at this momentous crossroads in history; and The New Humanity, a book about the environment exploring our need to care for the planet so we leave our grandchildren a world to inherit worth living in. He is currently a house for duty priest on the Sussex Downs. Read More…

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speakers_SKSatish Kumar

A former Jain monk, celebrated earth pilgrim and environmental activist, Satish Kumar has been editor of Resurgence magazine (now called Resurgence & Ecologist) since 1973, hailed by the Guardian newspaper as “the spiritual and artistic flagship of the green movement”. He is the guiding spirit behind numerous internationally-renowned ecological ventures including Schumacher College in Devon. His colourful life has taken him on some remarkable pilgrimages, including an 8-000 mile peace pilgrimage from India to the USA. In 2008 he presented the highly acclaimed BBC TV documentary Earth Pilgrim, and his many books include his bestselling autobiography, No Destination. He is on the Advisory Board of Our Future Planet, a dynamic online community sharing ideas for real change, and in recognition of his commitment to animal welfare and compassionate living, he was recently elected vice-president with the RSPCA. Read More…

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speakers_CGChloe Goodchild

Chloe Goodchild is an international singer, sacred voice and sound pioneer, music educator, author, and director of The Naked Voice Foundation which is dedicated to the transforming practice of self-awareness and conscious communication through spoken and sung voice. Her work demonstrates the power of sound and voice to transform the way we listen to ourselves and to each other. She awakens her listeners’ hearts with recurring melodies, world chants, anthems, love songs and poetry, interweaving them with her wild stories and laughter. She has made several solo and compilation albums, recordings for radio and TV, and has been music director for global humanitarian events taking place in Madison Square Gardens, The Royal Opera House and the Royal Albert Hall. She also works with schools, communities and organisations exploring the human voice as a source of individual and collective self-discovery and interconnectedness. Read More…

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speakers_TFTim Freke

Tim Freke is a respected authority on philosophy, world religions and global spirituality and the author of more than 30 books including a top 10 international bestseller and Daily Telegraph ‘Book of the Year’. Dubbed “The Big Love Philosopher”, he is passionate and playful, with a contagious enthusiasm for exploring the mystery of life, and is often featured in the global media. He has been waking people up all around the world, including Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New Orleans, Mexico, Croatia, Prague, Dublin, Holland, South Africa… and now returning to Bristol! Exploring leading edge science and mysticism and the interchange between the two, Tim’s latest book and Magnus Opus, The Mystery Experienceis a phenomenally wise and fresh approach to spiritual awakening and connection to “Oneness” which he calls “Waking up to the WOW” of life, and “Big Love”. Read More…

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speakers_JHJoe Hoare

“Laughing Yogi” Joe Hoare is a pioneering UK laughter therapist and author of new book Awakening the Laughing Buddha Within (co-authored with Barefoot Doctor) who teaches how to use laughter as a practice to powerfully retrain the brain and generate mindfulness, happiness and inner calm. He has facilitated therapeutic groups for over 30 years and has dedicated himself to encouraging people to connect with their benign, creative individuality and to perform at their best. His Laughter Yoga skills were bequeathed to him by internationally renowned ‘Grandfather of Laughter Yoga’, Dr Madan Kataria of India, founder of laughter clubs international. A charismatic facilitator of courses, workshops, retreats and one-to-one sessions, his regular appearances in the media have included BBC 2’s Don’t Die Young with Dr Alice Roberts, BBC 1’s Inside Out, BBC Radio 2’s Breakfast Show with Chris Evans and the Sunday Times. Read More…

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