Three days to go till Future NOW – Bristol’s first spiritual ecology conference!

FutureNOWFBgraphicWith just three days to go till the Future NOW spiritual ecology conference at Bristol’s vibrant Trinity Centre on Saturday 8th November, there’s lots of excitement and anticipation building about this landmark event in a funky converted church. So what’s in store?

Featuring a compelling mix of ecological and wellbeing speakers – Peter Owen Jones, Satish Kumar, Chloe Goodchild, Tim Freke and Joe Hoare – Future NOW will be a day of Inspiring talks and powerful performances, infused with sound meditations, sacred chants, laughter, open heartedness, interactive discussion groups,  bright ideas, insights and flashes of inspiration. The event brings together an eclectic community of earth pilgrims, wellbeing aficionados, spiritual activists and curious change makers to collaboratively explore ways to tread more lightly and mindfully on the Earth so we can secure happy, healthy and sustainable lives for future generations.

Presentations by the keynote speakers will explore different themes related to preserving our planet’s future. And interactive discussion and breakout groups – including a round facilitated by the speakers – will provide an opportunity for conference participants to have a voice in shaping our collective future while exploring how we can each take urgent action to be the change in our daily lives.

Future NOW was inspired by the iconic book Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth, edited by Sufi teacher Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, which seeks a spiritual response to our current ecological crisis. With our planet approaching tipping point, we are faced with potentially devastating climate change and environmental meltdown caused by our unsustainable, materialistic way of life. Future NOW is a call to urgently consider our impact on the planet before it’s too late and to take an active role in preserving a world for our grandchildren to inherit that’s worth living in.

“Future NOW will explore all that we need to sustain a future for all the myriad of life on this beautiful planet,” says Peter Owen Jones.

50% of the proceeds from Future NOW will be donated to the benevolent charities/causes of the keynote speakers: The Resurgence Trust, The Life Cairn Project, The Naked Voice and The Alliance for Lucid Living.

Advance tickets for Future NOW cost £55 (£65 on the door). Concessions available on request.


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